Alberta Blue Cross – various projects

My time at Alberta Blue Cross has allowed me to work on some pretty exciting projects. The first being the design and eventual coding of our email templates. The goal of the project was to create a modern, streamlined brand experience for our customers and partners.  Previously, the look of the emails Alberta Blue Cross was sending to members was pretty dated. After many hours of research, I came up

Stratica Pharmacy

I have wrapped up a project for a pharmacy, located in downtown Edmonton. The purpose of this was to provide a simple website that displayed information such as hours, location and services provided. I also provided some print marketing resources such as letterheads, brochures and flyers. This was new to me, but I enjoyed the experience of creating layouts in Adobe Illustrator. To begin building the website, I started with

The homepage for Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games 2019

2019 Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games

Recently I have been putting in volunteer hours for Special Olympics Alberta. When I lived in Nova Scotia, I had volunteered several times for Special Olympics Nova Scotia, usually just Day Of kind of volunteering such as setting up tents, being a linesman for soccer, or providing lunches to the athletes. I can’t say enough how much organizations like these make an impact by making sport accessible for everyone. The

Code Igniter

Last year I created a simple forum website using CodeIgniter as the framework. Based in PHP, it was my first time using Models, Views and Controllers and I really enjoyed the experience. It is like many CRUD applications, where the user has the opportunity to create an article, read it, update or edit, and finally if you were the author, delete it.   The idea behind it was a Reddit-style

WordPress – Custom Theme

This was a team project, where the client wished to have easy control over the content of the website. As a team, we decided that WordPress was a user-friendly content management system and would suit the needs of our client. A custom theme was developed, to best showcase the personality of our client and the services they offered. I was tasked with our client’s vlog, which they ran mostly through

A screenshot of high level wireframes in Adobe Illustrator

Mobile First Wireframing

I prefer to take a mobile first approach when it comes to designing websites from scratch. I don’t know about you, but when I want to quickly look something up I always reach for my phone. Keeping this in mind allows me to visualize how the average user is using a website and what information they may be looking for first. I will usually¬†start out sketching by hand. I find

Adobe Illustrator screenshot of high level wireframes

High-Level Wireframes

Before writing any code in a text editor, it is important to give your clients a visual representation of what their website is going to look like. My program of choice for this task is Adobe Illustrator. The ability to display multiple artboards allows one the opportunity to show what different pages will look like or even to show the subtle differences between mobile or desktop views. For this project,

Code to display the index page of a gallery

Gallery with PHP

While there are a variety of ways to create a gallery, one of the first I learned was using PHP. The main purpose of this project was to gain an understanding of uploading and resizing images, adding a watermark if so desired. A visitor to the site would be shown a grid of thumbnails, which when clicked on would bring the user to a page displaying a large version of

Code to display a profile of a novel

Catalogue of Novels

In this project, I used PHP to build a simple CRUDS application to create a catalogue of novels, reading being one of my favourite pastimes. A visitor could use a search feature to filter through the database. A secured admin section allowed the user to add a new novel, edit an existing record, or delete a record. The admin section was sessions based, so the user would not have to

Early Bird – Custom Theme

This was a custom WordPress theme that I created for a (fictitious) food truck. It features a static front page, with a section that focuses on recent posts, but also has samples of the food menu and a weather widget. There is the usual blog-format page, where the food truck can promote and update events they are involved with. And a menu page that displays descriptions of various menu offerings