The homepage for Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games 2019

Recently I have been putting in volunteer hours for Special Olympics Alberta. When I lived in Nova Scotia, I had volunteered several times for Special Olympics Nova Scotia, usually just Day Of kind of volunteering such as setting up tents, being a linesman for soccer, or providing lunches to the athletes.

I can’t say enough how much organizations like these make an impact by making sport accessible for everyone. The camaraderie between the athletes is inspiring.

I had a friend reach out to me to see if I would be interested in managing the 2019 Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games website. I thought this was a great opportunity for me to give back to an organization I admire.

The organizers asked me to build a website for the Winter Games, with a more streamlined look and feel compared to the original site they had been using, which was Drupal-based. The original site had too many links and menus which made navigating the website pretty confusing.

Support Page Before
Support Page Before

I agreed to build them a new website and guided them through securing hosting, a domain name, and then setting them up with a WordPress site, using the Sporty theme by Template Express. I used a lot of custom CSS within the theme and custom HTML in a few of the widgets to give the website a look that they are happy with.

Support Page
Support Page After

The Support page before and after images are an example of the difference in design between the original website and the WordPress site I built.