Code Igniter

Last year I created a simple forum website using CodeIgniter as the framework. Based in PHP, it was my first time using Models, Views and Controllers and I really enjoyed the experience. It is like many CRUD applications, where the user has the opportunity to create an article, read it, update or edit, and finally if you were the author, delete it.   The idea behind it was a Reddit-style

Code to display the index page of a gallery

Gallery with PHP

While there are a variety of ways to create a gallery, one of the first I learned was using PHP. The main purpose of this project was to gain an understanding of uploading and resizing images, adding a watermark if so desired. A visitor to the site would be shown a grid of thumbnails, which when clicked on would bring the user to a page displaying a large version of

Code to display a profile of a novel

Catalogue of Novels

In this project, I used PHP to build a simple CRUDS application to create a catalogue of novels, reading being one of my favourite pastimes. A visitor could use a search feature to filter through the database. A secured admin section allowed the user to add a new novel, edit an existing record, or delete a record. The admin section was sessions based, so the user would not have to