My time at Alberta Blue Cross has allowed me to work on some pretty exciting projects. The first being the design and eventual coding of our email templates. The goal of the project was to create a modern, streamlined brand experience for our customers and partners. 

Previously, the look of the emails Alberta Blue Cross was sending to members was pretty dated. After many hours of research, I came up with two designs based on the needs of the business. For emails that were related to a member’s account, often containing pertinent information and requiring action, such as bill payment, I kept the design simple. The logo in the top left, a white background, and navy-blue text so dark it is almost black. The call-to-action matches what has been used on the corporate public site, a blue button that changes to chartreuse on hover. For emails that had a more promotional nature, such as new features added to the member site, I kept the basics the same but added space for a banner image and a navy blue background wrapping the body of the email. 


In 2020 the Digital Experience team took the public site and rebuilt all 800+ pages of it in Bootstrap. The purpose of this was to move the site to a more supported platform, increase the performance, accessibility and best practices. The team started by designing and building Bootstrap components and page templates. Having the components pre-built greatly decreased turnaround time when building out new sections of the corporate public site and started the basis for the Design System.


The health benefits and insurance industry seems to treat fraud like it’s a 5-letter word no one is supposed to say. In fact, with the digital transformation happening all over the world, fraud is a very real threat to the sustainability of organizations. I am proud to say that Alberta Blue Cross is leading the industry when it comes to educating it’s members as to what constitutes fraud and how to avoid committing it.

The first step in this education was creating a new section dedicated to fraud, what it is, how to avoid it and the consequences of committing benefits fraud. The previous section was not optimized for SEO and mostly long pages of dry, hard to digest information.

This project allowed me to combine my psychology background with my passion of web design. I wanted the fraud section to be easy to understand, easy to navigate and visually interesting. Taking a dry subject and making it appealing ended up being a lot of fun. Myself and a communications officer took the information previously on the corporate public site, broken it into manageable pieces and still managed to expand the information in a way that is easily digestible. The viewership increased 400% once the project went live, with our most viewed page being the one that breaks down the different types of benefits fraud.

The Wellness Summit

During the summer of 2020 I had the pleasure of redesigning and building out the website for The Wellness Summit. This is a conference put together and hosted by Alberta Blue Cross to build awareness around the different types of wellness and how to create psychologically safe and healthy workplaces. The decision was made to build it out in WordPress, which gave me a little break from coding everything myself. The site hosts information on previous Summits, as well as builds excitement for the next one.