My display at the NAIT Expo 2018

Originally¬†from the East Coast, I moved to Alberta in 2015. Having studied psychology at Saint Mary’s University, in Halifax NS, I applied those skills daily while working at Koodo Mobile. When my husband and I moved to New Brunswick in 2013 I finally got the chance I was looking for. I wanted to get out of the retail industry and begin a career in the world of IT, so I went back to school.

My first few months gave a broad overview of networking, hardware and software support, database administration, software and web development. I quickly developed a passion for web development, however, I could not complete my first year due to illness.

Fast forward to a move across the country where I completed my diploma in Web Development in the spring of 2018, at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. I have gained an appreciation for the entire process of development. From sketching wireframes, designing high-level mockups to getting down to the nitty-gritty and coding.