Code to display a profile of a novel

In this project, I used PHP to build a simple CRUDS application to create a catalogue of novels, reading being one of my favourite pastimes. A visitor could use a search feature to filter through the database. A secured admin section allowed the user to add a new novel, edit an existing record, or delete a record. The admin section was sessions based, so the user would not have to sign in everytime they wished to make a change to the database. It was a fun way to put my PHP skills to use and helped me organize my collection of books of the same time!

In addition to displaying all the relevant information about a particular novel, query strings were used to filter out the database results based on criteria such as: genre, price range, publisher, etc.

A variety of data types have been used, including: varchar, year, float, long text, Boolean and int. The form used in both the insert and edit pages contained text fields, a drop-down select, checkbox, and textarea. Image uploads were allowed in the insert page, through the file field, and images will be resized so that a thumbnail and a larger display image can be viewed.

Code to display random book covers based on two genresI created a couple of sidebar widgets, where a user could filter results based on genre or price. Another displayed random book covers in the historical fiction and science fiction categories.