Stratica Pharmacy

I have wrapped up a project for a pharmacy, located in downtown Edmonton. The purpose of this was to provide a simple website that displayed information such as hours, location and services provided. I also provided some print marketing resources such as letterheads, brochures and flyers. This was new to me, but I enjoyed the experience of creating layouts in Adobe Illustrator. To begin building the website, I started with

A screenshot of high level wireframes in Adobe Illustrator

Mobile First Wireframing

I prefer to take a mobile first approach when it comes to designing websites from scratch. I don’t know about you, but when I want to quickly look something up I always reach for my phone. Keeping this in mind allows me to visualize how the average user is using a website and what information they may be looking for first. I will usually¬†start out sketching by hand. I find

Adobe Illustrator screenshot of high level wireframes

High-Level Wireframes

Before writing any code in a text editor, it is important to give your clients a visual representation of what their website is going to look like. My program of choice for this task is Adobe Illustrator. The ability to display multiple artboards allows one the opportunity to show what different pages will look like or even to show the subtle differences between mobile or desktop views. For this project,